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Oct 2011 27

How Big is the World of Cloud Computing? 

Front-liners in cloud computing, such as Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft and many more, are investing heavily on massive cloud data centers that are 6 to 7 times more effective than the conventional enterprise data centers. Just how big is cloud data centers powering today’s cloud services?

Wikibon, a community of IT professionals, shows you how “big” cloud computing is in a yet-another-interesting-cloud-infographic. Firstly, the physical size of the cloud data centers themselves is enormous – a cloud data center is 11.5 times the size of a football field. Secondly, the size of cost and energy savings of the cloud data centers are also huge – 1,000 traditional data centers cost more than $3.3 million, whereas the same 1,000 cloud data centers cost less than $800,000.

Check out this cloud computing infographic (for the original size, please click on the image):

How Big is the World of Cloud Computing?

Oct 2011 24

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from the Cloud 

by the Mediavalet Team

Overdrive Our founder and CEO, David MacLaren, recently shared his cloud-computing experience with the 7,500 entrepreneurs, in 38 countries, that make up the global Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Writing for Overdrive, the official blog of EO, David shared his experience developing MediaValet on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud-platform.

David’s main point in the article: Cloud-computing not only saves entrepreneurs time and money, but provides further benefits including scalability, accessibility, security, faster time to market and a significant reduction in upfront capital expenditures.

Oct 2011 21

GigaOM Covers Azure 

by the Mediavalet Team

Gigaom Barb Darrow, a contributing editor at the renowned technology publication, GigaOM, recently wrote an article about Microsoft’s Windows Azure and how Microsoft is fairing in the Cloud. She interviewed a number of industry experts including our founder and President, David MacLaren.

In speaking with Barb, David pointed out that we chose to build MediaValet on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud-platform because most of our parent company’s customers already have Windows expertise and that Azure enables us to ‘tap into’ Microsoft’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) as needed: “it takes two minutes to turn on CDN to light up 25 additional data centers around the world — all without calling (a company like) Akamai and telling them how we want it done.”

Sep 2011 30

MediaValet is Featured by Retail Online Integration 

by the Mediavalet Team

Retail Online Integration David MacLaren, MediaValet's President and CEO, wrote an article that appeared in yesterday's edition of Retail Online Integration, an online publication focusing on cross-channel success for retailers. The article, "How the Cloud is Helping Retail Marketers", gives the reader an overview of the emerging cloud-based digital asset management market, including the four key benefits of cloud computing for retail marketers. David also provides a 'Cloud Checklist' - a series of steps to help you determine whether cloud computing will benefit your organization.

Please click here to access the full article.

Sep 2011 27

MediaValet is Feature by KMWorld 

by the Mediavalet Team

KMWorld MediaValet was featured by KMWorld, an online publication that covers the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management. The article, entitled "Digital Asset Management Supports a World of Rich Media", gives a brief overview of the digital asset management market, emphasizes the importance of metadata in facilitating search and gives an overview of the myriad benefits DAMS bring to organizations. The article also chronicles VRX's decision to use Microsoft's Azure platform to build their own flexible, massively scalable, globally accessible DAMS - MediaValet.

Please click here to access the full article.

Sep 2011 26

MediaValet Introduces Geo-Replication 

by the Mediavalet Team

MediaValetWe are excited to announce that MediaValet now replicates (i.e. backs up) our customers' digital assets, at no additional cost, in a secondary data centre within the same geographic region (i.e. North and South US, North and West Europe, and East and Southeast Asia). This is big news for us and our clients as it's in addition to the triple redundancy that we currently provide for all assets and delivers industry leading data durability that protects our customers digital assets incase of a major data centre disaster.

Please click here to read the full post.

Sep 2011 19

MediaValet is Featured by Smarter Technology 

by the Mediavalet Team

Smarter TechnologyToday, MediaValet was featured prominently on, a online technology publication with articles that focus on planning and leadership for a better world. The article, entitled "Digital asset management moves to the cloud" discusses the emerging cloud-based digital asset management market, and uses MediaValet as a prime example of how cloud-based software can provide flexibility, scaleability and worldwide access to companies of all sizes and across a wide variety of industries.

Please click here to access the full article.

Sep 2011 15

MediaValet is Featured by MediaPost 

by the Mediavalet Team

Business Tech EdgeDavid MacLaren, MediaValet's President and CEO, wrote an article that appeared in yesterday's edition of MediaPost, a leading news and events site for media, marketing and advertising professionals. The article, "Taking Your Digital Assets to the Cloud" describes the challenges that marketers face as the digital assets they need on a day-to-day basis accumulate at a rapid rate. David describes the need for a system that can centralize, index and archive these assets and then focuses on the particular benefits of cloud-based digital asset management for today's marketing professionals.

Please click here to access the full article.

Sep 2011 07

MediaValet is Featured by Business Tech Edge 

by the Mediavalet Team

Business Tech Edge David MacLaren, MediaValet's President and CEO, was quoted in an article on Business Tech Edge, an online publication focused on the latest small and medium sized business technology news, software, and wireless technology. The article, “Send it to the Cloud”, highlights various benefits of cloud computing, including the elimination of capital expenditures, increased cost effectiveness, and flexibility, which are all critical to the success of small and medium businesses. The article includes a number of real life examples that illustrate these benefits across a variety of companies and industries.

Please click here to access the full article.

Aug 2011 30

MediaValet is Featured by Search Cloud Storage 

by the Mediavalet Team

Talkin' Cloud MediaValet was featured on, one of 100 TechTarget news sites that reach 10 million registered members. The article, “Cloud ROI tips for finding the bottom line”, discusses the ongoing debate around accurately determining cloud ROI. Analyst experts weigh in on which metrics are most reliable when determining the real cost of cloud storage strategies. As part of the article, editors Rachel Kossman and Dave Raffo, feature MediaValet as a real-world example of how our parent company, VRX Studios, successfully eliminated at least 50 percent of its cost in bringing MediaValet to market by using Windows Azure.

Please click here to access the full article.

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